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Mr. Taylor

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Panther Tech is a fun and challenging educational after school program for UES grade 6 to 8 students who want to learn more about STEAM, Electronics, Technology, Robotics, Computer Programming and Animation.

We explore the technology around us. How it is made and Why it works.

This Spring program is Electricity, Scratch 3.0 and Robots


The purpose of this program is to offer interested 5/6/7/8th grade Unity students the opportunity to explore the fields of Electronics, Technology, Robotics, Programming and Animation and STEAM in a more in-depth and hands-on way. (STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)

Panther Tech is more than just using computers and electronic devices- it is understanding what they are built from, how and why they function as they do and more importantly- to learn the skills of Logic, Reasoning, Dexterity and Confidence to create new things.

If you want to expand your education and challenge yourself- Panther Tech is the right place for you!

The Focus of the Spring 2019 Program is....

Electricity, Scratch 3.0 and Robots

This Spring, we will examine Electricity, Scratch 3.0 and Robots. We will do an in depth study the properties of electrons and the movement and electricity - both AC and DC. We will study Amperage, Current and Resistance of materials to the flow of Electrons. We will also explore SCRATCH 3.0, the new 2019 version of the popular programming language. We will code a few example programs and each student will code a final project for the class. Each student will also build a Soda Can Robot.