Gay Straight Transgender Alliance

Kara Gilson

Room 226

What is the Stevens High School Gay/Straight/Transgender Alliance?

  • A club that welcomes anyone and everyone - gay, straight, bi, questioning, trans, other, or any one who is an ally!
  • A safe place to meet, support each other, plan activities, and talk about issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression

What do we do?

Last year the GSTA...

  • Celebrated Ally Week
  • Attended the Homecoming OUT LOUD! Summit at Colby Sawyer College
  • Observed the Day of Silence
  • Traveled to Prom OUT LOUD! in Manchester
  • Held a potluck and picnic
  • Attended movie screenings
  • Participated in PRIDE events in Concord and Portsmouth

When do we meet?

  • Every Thursday during FLEX in Ms. Gilson's classroom (room 226)