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Mrs. Kivela

Mrs. Kivela

Room 127

About Me

Mrs. Kivela has been teaching in the Claremont School District at Disnard Elementary School for going on 19 years.

I am eager to welcome you to music class!

For Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade we do many activities to practice steady beat. For example, we learn traditional singing games, play rhythm sticks and drums, bounce balls, toss and pass bean bags and begin to learn the music alphabet plus music notes and rests to learn about counting rhythm. Along with these activities we prepare for a concert to present to you.

For 3rd Grade we learn traditional dances and play rhythm sticks and drums to recognize the beat of a variety of music styles. We also continue learning how to read the language of music. We do worksheets for the line notes and space notes on the music staff. We learn how to play the recorder which is used as a pre-band instrument. They learn that the recorder is an actual instrument which has existed for hundreds of years. They learn the four families of the orchestra and which instruments fit into each instrument family. Along with these activities we prepare for a concert to present to you.

For 4th and 5th Grades we continue learning how to read music through identifying notes of songs and learning the symbols for dynamics and tempos plus learning how to navigate road maps of songs. We learn about the life and music of some of the famous composers of the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic Eras spanning 1600-1900.

We learn about the music history of our country through folk songs and patriotic music. By the end of 5th Grade it is an expectation that every student is able to sing our National Anthem by memory and know the 50 States.

In addition 4th and 5th Grade can choose to join chorus and take band instrument lessons. Both groups are expected to practice their concert music as part of their homework to come well prepared for their performing group classes in order to have high quality performances.

To graduate into the band, the students need to pass an assessment. Once students have graduated, they will be given more challenging music which required a great of practice at home. Just like a sport requires many hours of practice to gain in skills, so does a musical instrument. I encourage students to explore one or more band instruments in elementary school and in the upper grades to take guitar classes. In closing, if able to be afforded, I highly recommend taking piano lessons. Once a person learns how to play an instrument, it can be played and enjoyed for life!

Band and Chorus Schedule:

  • Chorus class meets on Tuesdays at 8:30
  • Band class meets on Thursdays at 8:30
  • Instrument Lessons are scheduled either in a 12:00 slot or a 12:30 slot.