Allergies &

Keeping students home

Nut-Safe Rooms

Here at Bluff School, we are sensitive to children

with nut allergies. Those children having such

issues are in classrooms that have been classified

as “Nut-Safe Zones”. Please be aware that it is

NOT possible to be totally “free”. If your child’s

classroom has been so listed, please speak with the

teacher if you have concerns. The classroom para’s

and teachers are very observant as to what food is being

brought into their classes. If your child does not have a

nut allergy, but has brought in a food item with possible nuts,

your child may be asked to eat her/his snack elsewhere.

This is NOT a punishment.

Thank You for your assistance in this matter.

peanut allergy
sneezing child

When to Keep Your Child Home From School

Does your child have a fever > 100.0 ??

Has your child had diarrhea within the past 24 hours ??

Has your child vomited within the past 24 hours ??

Does your child have a persistent sore throat with fever ??

Does your child have an unexplained rash ??

Does your child have reddened, itchy eyes with yellow or white drainage ??

Does your child just not feel well ??

If your child is ill/sick, please keep her/him home and contact your family doctor. Please do not send your child to school to be “diagnosed” by the nurse. The nurse by law does not diagnose illnesses.

She assists the doctor.

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