Music Department

TERM: Quarters 1 & 2 PREREQUISITES: None

ROOM: Music Dept. - Media Studio CREDIT: ½


Mr. Goodwin

(603) 332-0757, ext. 2162

Extra Help Hours: By Appointment (usually after school or C-Block)


Students will be exposed to the world of television and media production through a series of hands-on projects that, at the discretion of the instructor, may be broadcast on RTV (Channel 25) or distributed through YouTube or other media outlets. Topics will include the basic parts of the video camera and their functions; the essential rules of camera framing, screen dynamics, and camera movement; and the concepts involved in basic non-linear editing and digital delivery. Video Production 2 expands upon these topics as well as delving more deeply into the world of lighting and audio for video. This class may require some after school and/or evening participation for certain projects. Advance notice will be given.