Music Department

TERM: Quarter 3, 2018-19 PREREQUISITES: None

ROOM: Music Dept. – Media Studio/Band Room CREDIT: ½


Mr. Goodwin

(603) 332-0757, ext. 2162 (preferred method of contact)

Extra Help Hours: By Appointment (often after school or during C-block)


In this course we will examine the origins of present day American popular musical styles in light of the many other popular genres that have come before. Genres studied may include: late 19th century popular music such as the Minstrel Show, Parlor Songs, Ragtime and Marches; 20th Century Folk Music; Blues; Jazz; Country / Western; Rock n' Roll; 60's Rock; 70's-80's Rock; Hip-Hop and Rap, and more. Students will be encouraged to develop, and use on a regular basis, both active and critical listening skills to analyze the music that they are hearing. No prior musical experience is necessary, but some basic background may be helpful. A mind open to experiencing new, different, and sometimes unusual genres of popular music is a must!