PA Summer Reading


Summer Reading Book Fair

Located in the Cafeteria

Wednesday, May 30th 7:30am to 5:30pm

Thursday, May 31st 7:30am to 1:30pm

Book Fair Price List:

(We accept cash and checks.)

This summer you are required to read TWO books.

A community read title and a choice read book.

If you read both of these texts and demonstrate your knowledge you will receive 1.25 credits for doing so.


The Community Read text is a book that the entire Pembroke Academy community will read over the course of the summer. This includes faculty and staff as well as students of all grade levels. Students will have a choice of assessment options to show off their comprehension of the text ranging from blogging about the book, to annotating the text or writing a literary analysis essay.

This project-based assessment must be completed over the summer and is due the first Friday of school (August 31st) to your English teacher.

Film-making terminology for Monster located here:


Students will have book titles to choose from in a variety of Lexile levels and genres at each grade level. Click on your graduation year for your book titles.

CLASS OF 2019 (Senior)

CLASS OF 2020 (Junior)

CLASS OF 2021 (Sophomore)

CLASS OF 2022 (Freshman)

They will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of the text through a multiple-choice exam during the first 2 weeks of school. This will occur during Academic Labs, Literacy Labs, or in the Library after school supervised.

Students can prepare by taking notes during reading, which they can use during the exam. All notes will be collected. Please put your name, the name of the book, and your year of graduation on any notes you write.