Multi-Media Club

Welcome to the Media club! Here you can keep up to date with the latest news, projects or promotions.

The Media Club is looking for new members so, if you are interested in joining the Multi-Media Club, see Ms.Quesnell located in the back of the library during the day OR Ms.Cunningham, located in room 1138 OR sign up online here.

Mission Statement/Goal

The PA Multimedia Club is a student-centered organization where students have the opportunity to explore their creativity in video and digital media while providing a valuable service to the PA community.

This club is dedicated to encourage and motivate students to get outside of their comfort zone, experiment with multimedia they may have never experienced, and to improve the high school experience. The sky is NOT the limit, it’s to infinity and beyond!

In the media club we film football games, create the morning announcements and participate in a state wide media contest!

Currently we need a logo for our club, to solve this dilemma we are having a “Logo Contest”.

We encourage you to participate in this or join the club to help out!

For more information check out the table in the cafe Oct 23- 25 during all lunches.