Mrs. Stroberg

Dear Parents,

Welcome to my webpage! I've included links to information that students should find helpful. If you feel there is something specific that would be helpful for your child to successful, please email me.

My focus for homework will be to get students to like reading, you can help me by reading with your child, make it fun, and don't use as a punishment. Weekly spelling practice, you can help by studying daily. IXL will mainly be completed in class. Students who do not take advantage of this, they will need to complete over the weekend.

Classwork that is not completed during school time, will be sent home with the student daily. Often times, off task behaviors, keep them from completing their work. I ask that you please check agendas daily and sign.

Thank you,

Paula Stroberg, M.Ed

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Stroberg

Room 317

Epsom Central School

603-736-9331 x 317