Blizzard Bags

If a snow day is called, all families will be alerted by phone that school is cancelled and, in addition, whether or not the day will also be a blizzard bag day. (If widespread power outages are predicted, a blizzard bag day would not be called because it would not be possible for students to access the days work digitally, print their work at home, and contact the teacher for help, if support is needed.)

**Students lacking computer access at home will receive all work on paper prior to a predicted bad weather event, so the work can still be completed on the blizzard bag day without needing a computer.

For each blizzard bag day, have your child do one activity from each curricular area (math, literacy, social studies/science, and unified arts). When your child returns to school the next day, please send in the sheet that lists which blizzard day it is (ex. Kindergarten Blizzard Bag Day 1) + write down which math, literacy, s.s/science, and UA activities your child did (ex. math A, literacy C, s.s./science E, music A) and initial. Please include any worksheets that your child used. If it is a computer activity or an oral activity nothing needs to be sent in, just write down what was done. Please check off what activities were done on your table chart so that you know what is available for the next blizzard bag day(s), and keep the packet in a safe place. I will check email hourly, so let me know if any questions or problems arise. :)