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On to the next show!!! After a successful run of "Disney's Beauty and the Beast", awesome job you guys, it's time for our Spring Play. This May we will be presenting "A Simpler Time" (a time-travelling extravaganza) from May 8th-10th. This show is very different, in that it is a series of vignettes that we will create together. You will even have the ability to audition in groups, presenting your vision of a scene. There are a core group of characters that time travel throughout the play, with short scenes about a variety of eras.


"A Simpler Time"

This show requires 16-55 people... so obviously some roles double up and some are held through the whole show (Marley, Taylor, Chris). So, please think about the types of characters you enjoy doing the most.

Cast list for A Simpler Time

Audition piece for "A Simpler Time"

You may either audition solo or grab a group and present the scene (part of the scene) as you see it working.

audition piece for A Simpler Time

Calendar for the SPRING Play

Please note: You will not be required to be at every single rehearsal for the whole play each week... HOWEVER, you need to be at all rehearsals that will feature your scenes. Those dates will be updated as needed, so please be sure to check and expect to be there at least once a week for rehearsal of your scenes that have been blocked already. For example, let's say that we are blocking the third scene, but one and four are already blocked - then the week will have a rehearsals to block the third AND THEN a rehearsal to run through everything blocked so far. THIS MEANS THAT YOU NEED TO LEARN YOUR LINES ASAP! We will start being off book for your scenes quickly (i.e. first off book rehearsal is March 2nd). THE CALENDAR WILL BE POSTED IN JANUARY!

2019-2020 Drama Agreement