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Winter Carnival meetings will begin starting Thursday, December 13th! Please come and help your class plan out our final year.

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Class of 2019...send us your pictures!

Send us any photos you have taken of you and your fellow classmates throughout your four years at Pembroke Academy!

Anything from Winter Carnival to Powder puff to Prom to everyday life at PA is acceptable, just please remember to be appropriate! Staff members and your entire class will see these photos in the senior slide show at the end of the year.

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Class of 2019...we want to hear from you!

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President: Avery Gamache

Fun Fact: Was a gymnast for 8 years

Favorite Class Memory: Sophomore Year Winter Carnival because our class came together and we worked hard to win hallway decorating

Vice President: Jolene Griffin

Fun Fact:

Favorite Class Memory: Winning hallway decorating for Winter Carnival

Secretary: Jake Mavity

Fun Fact: Scoops ice cream for a living during the summer time

Favorite Class Memory: Winning the lip sync three years in a row

Treasurer: Nolan Sykes

Fun Fact: Can flick 25 quarters off his elbow into his hand

Favorite Class Memory: Using a robot to launch tissue boxes at Mr. Kelly

Senator: Miriam Kafkoulas

Fun Fact: Loves football, High School Musical, and anything from the 80's

Favorite Class Memory: Winning the hallway decorating Sophomore year

Senator: Madison Gaskell

Fun Fact: Owns and can ride a unicycle

Favorite Class Memory: Our Sophomore class hallway decorating skills

Senator: Emily Lacasse

Fun Fact:

Favorite Class Memory:

Senator: Levi Putman

Fun Fact: Can pick blueberries faster than the speed of light

Favorite Class Memory: Dancing to Gangnam Style for the Junior year skit