Class of 2019

Upcoming Events

  • Winter Carnival Theme: Pirates
    • Decoration meetings on Thursday's
    • Hallway Decorating, Monday February 19th (2:30-5:30)
  • Prom Committee
    • Thursday's, unless stated otherwise
  • May 12, 2018- Prom


President: Avery Gamache

Fun Fact: Competed in gymnastics for 8 years

Favorite Class Memory: Sophomore Year Winter Carnival because our class came together and we worked hard to win hallway decorating

Vice President: Jolene Griffin

Fun Fact: Has a weiner dog named Oscar

Favorite Class Memory: Winning hallway decorating for Winter Carnival

Secretary: Jake Mavity

Fun Fact: Scoops ice cream for a living during the summer time

Favorite Class Memory: Winning the lip sync two years in a row

Treasurer: Cam Erwin

Fun Fact: He is in 5 clubs and has 3 jobs

Favorite Class Memory: dislocating his knee while trying to do a split In Mr. Cunningham's class

Senator: Miriam Kafkoulas

Fun Fact: Loves football, High School Musical, and anything from the 80's

Favorite Class Memory: Winning the hallway decorating Sophomore year

Senator: Jayden Keeley

Fun Fact: Can watch an entire season in one day

Favorite Class Memory: Toss up between passing out in biology or getting graphite in his eye