Physical Education

Welcome to Mr. Lendrum's PE page.

Please have your child remember sneakers and "play" clothes on PE day. If boots or other shoes are worn to school, make sure sneakers are packed in their bags on PE days. If a student does not have sneakers for class, they may, for safety reasons, be asked to sit and watch. Sneakers should also be worn during recess time.

RESPECT - COOPERATION - EFFORT: My three favorite words…also what the students are graded on.

In additon to PE class, students should try to exercise each day for at least an hour. Exercise does not have to be an organized sport. Just go out and play with your family or friends. Go for a walk or ride your bike. Any exercise will do. Limit sugary drinks like soda, juice and Gatorade. Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day.

August 27, 2018

It is the first week of school and all is well at New Franklin. Students will be reminded of PE and recess rules during their first "gym" class.

We will start off the school year with reviewing and practicing our "gross-motor" skills and by participating in some cooperative activities. Our first sport will be soccer. We will practice both indoors and out depending on the class and the weather.

Here are some words that help us remember our Gross Motor Skills:

Skipping - step, hop, step hop, step hop

Galloping - nose and toes face the direction you are headed --- step, together, step, together, step, together

Side Shuffle - turn sideways, nose and toes face the same direction --- step, together, step, together, step, together

Jogging - medium speed running

Carioca - going sideways --- side, cross in front, side, cross in back, side, front, side, back, side, front, side, back

Hopping - one foot

Jumping - two feet together

October 1, 2018

October brings us the MLB playoffs, Bruins Hockey, Celtics Basketball and of course, New England Patriots football. In PE class, it will also bring us into our "throwing and catching "football" unit." The younger children will work on throwing and catching a variety of objects and balls. Older children will work on throwing, catching and kicking footballs. Included in this month are a variety of Halloween themed tagging games concluding with the NFS traditional Star Wars tag game.

All classes will be working on flexibility as well as their cardiovascular system. Fifth graders are trying to jog continuously for at least 5 min.

On a side note, Play It Again Sports as moved into town. They are located next door to Market Basket on Lafayette Road. Play It Again Sports is a used sporting equipment store which can save parents a great deal of money. They have everything from hockey gear to skis to field hockey equipment. You may also sell your used sporting equipment to them. Give them a look, it might be worth your while.

November 2018

Children worked on a volleying unit. Children used balloons, beachballs, paddles and volleyballs. Children learned what it means to volley and were able to play games and practice skills by themselves and with their classmates. Some classes played a volleyball game called "rulers of the court."

December 2018

Students are participating in a basketball unit. Students will learn the history of basketball and practice the skills involved. Students will also continue to work on their cardiovascular systems through jogging and tagging games. Students will continue to work on their flexibility through static and dynamic stretching.

As always, we will continue to work on our social skills.....cooperation, teamwork, respect, kindness and "doing the right thing."

Happy Holidays To All!!

1/24/19 Happy New Year!!

The Patriots are in the Super Bowl.....again. Kids today don't know a time when the Patriots weren't good. It proves that hard work does pay off......and having a good quarterback.

Students have been working on their hockey skills during the month of January. Students used "pillo pollo" sticks, rubber sticks and traditional floor hockey sticks. The next activity will be a recreational activity unit. Students will bowl, play shuffleboard, balance, hackey sak, play 4-square, and do a little yoga.

We will continue to work on our sportsmanship and social skills. We also will continue to work on our flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and our growth mindset.

February 2019

This month, students will experience a recreational activity unit. Students will bowl, play shuffleboard, use balance equipment, hulahoop, do some yoga, jump rope, toss beanbags and ride scooters.

4th and 5th graders will have the opportunity to participate in Jump Rope for Heart on February 6 and February 8 during lunch recess. There are also online activities like the Heart Healthy Challenge.

Next month we will be starting a Diamond Sports unit.

Keep this date: April 5, 2019 6 - 7pm Portsmouth Indoor swimming pool.

New Franklin families have been invited to free swim. Literally; no cost . Parents must accompany their children. No drop offs.

**Date Change: Gary the Clown will be arriving on May 15, 2019 with the performance on May 24.