Rye Jr. High

Highlights and Legacies

Miniboat Project

Fall 2020

Tile Project

Spring - Fall 2020

The students at RJH finished the unusual school year by creating a special tile using the process of Sgraffito, a technique of etching into porcelain. On this tile, they shared a word that expressed the gratitude they feel for a person, place, pet or concept. As we recognize the interconnectedness of our world, the students were encouraged to write their word in Spanish, French or another language. Kim Massaro, the local artist in residence guided them through the project. The students' tiles were affixed to a stone path on the grounds of RJH to form the Path of Gratitude. Honoring both students and staff, the path is meant to be a place for all to enjoy. We will officially commemorate the Path of Gratitude with a ceremony this Fall. - Mrs. Bell