Welcome to 6th Grade!

Meet the Teachers!

Math- Mrs. Whitney

Very excited to meet incoming sixth graders!

Always trying new things

Love spending time with my two daughters and puppy

Understanding and always there for my students

Experience teaching~12 years

Science- Mr. Booth

Cares about scientific knowledge for all students

On track to earn my doctoral degree in May!

Science teacher for many years (9+)

Making connections with my new community of Portsmouth

Obsessed with music and arts

Super excited to be teaching in Rye!

Language Arts- Mr. Tucker

Teaching middle school for three years
aving an extra cup of coffee

Interested in getting and giving book recommendations

Normal to own 3 cats...right?

Keeping the calendar open for some gaming

Important Links

Unified Arts

Sixth graders will start the 2021-2022 year off with

ICT/ Lifeskills & Art