ORMS Technology Page

Here we are, ready to flourish within the 21st century landscape of digital education. Students, educators and parents are all working toward understanding the balance of technology both in school and at home. Together, we are offering our students the opportunities learn in traditional and technologically blended classrooms. We are also flipping our classrooms, creating blogs, and using apps to help prepare our students for an ever-changing world.

This Google Site is here to help. Within its coded walls, you can find websites and other tech to help you flip or integrate educational technology into your classroom, how to responsibly use technology here at ORMS and resources to help our students and parents work together with technology at home.

For any questions regarding tech or this website, please email me (Niko) at nbureau@orcsd.org.

Happy Te(a)ching!

Recent Announcements

December 15th 2016-ORMS is pleased to announce the members of our first ever technology team!

Matthew L.- Team Captain, Andrew K., Ian M., Katherine M., Lydia A., Dillon C., Sarah L., Jack K., Tanmay O., Jason R.

Visit our Tech Team Page page to learn more!

Project Highlights

December 2016- Ms. Vizzo's 7th Grade LA Class created mock Instagram posts as characters the Adventures of Ulysses book. They illustrated a scene of their choice and used a Google Slide Template to create usernames, captions, and comments to show how the characters would interact on social media. They combined all of their slides and presented them to their peers. Great work!