Establishing Habits for School Success

Do your students take the time to develop goals and reflect on their progress toward reaching those goals? Do your advisees even know how to set goals? This month, work with your advisees on develop strategies that help them assess where they are, where they want to be, and how they are going to get there.

November New Resources- Establishing Habits for School Success
3 November Resources and Lessons
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Goal Setting Activities

1. - Self Evaluation and Goals Setting worksheet - A goal setting doodle sheet allows students to not only self reflect but also to use that information to create specific goals they would like to work on.

2. - Goal Setting - this worksheet is a great walkthrough of the goal setting process. There's a breakdown for teachers and a few worksheets and handouts for kids that work through three different steps to setting a goal, creating an action plan, and reflecting. This would probably take a full week (if not more, probably more) to work through.

3. - Reflective writing - sentence starters - A good resource for writing short reflections. This would be a good resource in reflecting on progress in quarter one or in different classes. You could post one or more of these questions on the board and have students answer them independently and then share their answers with the group. There are also sentence starters for how you feel about different ideas or issues and thinking about alternative points of view.

4. - Goal Setting Craftivity - This craft uses the design of a target but instead of levels it is creating different types of goals, personal and school. It also has the students think about what they are good at and why. Design wise it looks more appropriate for younger kids but can be tweaked by older kids.

5. - Growth Mindset Game Fortune Teller: The Great Outdoors - Goal setting fortune teller (you have to pay but can use a template)

6. - Thought-Provoking Questions for Goal Setting and Self-Reflection - A wealth of questions for self-reflection and goal setting. Use these questions to have students reflect on themselves and create better goals.

7. - Ordinary Objects - Goal setting activity using clothes baskets and ordinary objects (rubber balls, stress balls). This goal setting game is played for five rounds. For the first round students are blindfolded and try to make a basket; this round stresses the importance of having a vision, goal, or direction. For round two, the baskets are placed on the other side of the classroom; this round symbolizes the importance of setting realistic, achievable goals. For each round there is a message and an opportunity for discussion.

8. - Rocks, Pebbles, Sand - Great activity that highlights the need to identify and focus on the big things in our life. Requires a jar, stones (or some larger item), pebbles (or small items) and sand.

Self Reflection Activities

9. - 246 best Reflection activities for middle school students

10. - Sample reflection questions from Edutopia - 40 Reflection Questions dealing with backward-looking, Inward-looking, forward looking and outward-looking.

11. - Developing Empathy - Am I Empathetic? What does it mean to be empathetic? Your advisory can take a moment to reflect on how they relate to the experience and feelings of others. Practice perspective taking and “being in someone else’s shoes”. Click here to view the printable activity.

12. - Naming our Rocks - It is always important for students to know who is there to support them. Take some time and have your advisees reflect on who their ROCKS are in their lives. Bring in a few rocks, or go collect some together! Decorate them, write on them, or just use them as they are to identify our ROCKS talk about all the ways our ROCKS support us.

13. - 10 Activities about Gratitude - November is often a time to reflect on what we are grateful for. Find 10 different activities here that you can adapt to an advisory setting that help students spend some time thinking about what they are thankful for!