Below are some ideas you can use to get your kids on board with the value of collaborating.

Ubuntu Circle - Here is the link to the PDF that has the Ubuntu Circle game and directions from High 5 Adventure. It’s like a puzzle you advisory has to put together, not showing the cards to one another, rather just describing their card to others and then trying to put them in the correct order. Ubuntu is an ancient African word that roughly translates to “I am because we are,” which I thought fits nicely with the idea of this small community in Advisory.

Airport - A game where students are blindfolded and must rely one each other to get to a particular point.

All Hit Moonball - this game requires a beach ball. Your adivsees work together o keep the ball in the air.

Math Team Building Puzzle Challenge - A math problem where two teams have to make a square with numbers where the columns and rows all add up to the same number. The trick is the two groups have to collaborate instead of being competitive in order to succeed.

7 March Resources and Lessons