Celebrating Diversity

5 January Resources and Lessons


Diversity Activities - 12 pages with diversity activities. Some of the activities—including “Connect the Dots,” “First Impressions,” and “Proverbs”—can be used as discussion starters or icebreakers. Others may be the basis for an entire lesson, such as “What Do You Know or What Have You Heard?”

Building Community and Combating Hate - Lessons include:

  • Who Am I? Introduction to Diversity of Beliefs and Values
  • Stereotypes
  • Prejudice
  • Name-Calling
  • Misinformation and Rumors
  • Personal Responsibility

Serena Williams takes Silicon Valley position to advocate for diversity - This is a newsela article about Serena Williasms helping tech companies find more minorities and women at their companies. Also touches on overcoming racism in tennis. Great tool for starting a conversation.

Empathy Game: a tool to teach kids to be considerate - A printable empathy game plus prop ideas for making it fun for kids, to practice stepping into someone else’s shoes and develop consideration for others.