PERSONALITY QUIZZES - Funny Personality quizzes from National Geographic (more geared to the lower grades)

Erasing Meanness - this blog post walks you through the process of doing a simple white-board activity aimed at eliminating meanness.

Who am I? - Click on the link to the left to access a worksheet which is a basic getting-to-know-you activity from firstday.

Bystander effect - Discuss what it means to be a bystander. Watch the following video. Have a discussion about what you noticed and learned.

What would you do? - Discuss/ show the bystander effect before this lesson. Create 3-5 grade level appropriate scenarios and ask students what they would do in these situations. Make sure to discuss how it can sometimes be hard/uncomfortable to do the right thing.Examples: You see someone sitting alone at lunch. You notice one of your classmates is being bullied. etc.

Thumbprint self-portrait - Students will create a magnified thumbprint filled with details about themselves.

We rise by lifting others - This video shows how doing one act of kindness can spread to the people around you.

30 Character building activities - There is an elementary and middle section on the list- pick activities you think are the most appropriate. Use activities from the second half of this list.

Personality Quiz - For older grades. This quiz has a several paragraph explanation before the questions and gives a very detailed report after schools takes it. You could spend one advisory reading and discussing the intro and the next actually taking the test and reading the results. Would recommend teachers take it before students so you know what the results will look like. One question mentioned figurative language- review that with students.