Taking care of one's mental, emotional and physical health is a simple yet often overlooked concept. Developing and implementing self-care strategies improves mood, reduces anxiety and helps in the development of positive relationships with others and oneself (Micheal, PsychCentral).

Sharpen the Saw

This video does a good job of covering the broad topic of self-care, in a voice our students can relate to. It is recommended that you preview this video - there is a brief discussion about avoiding drugs and alcohol - some advisers may choose to avoid or skip over this part.

8 April Resources and Lessons

Physical Fitness Activites

Take a walk - April is when Spring really arrives - take your advisorees on a walk around the building.

Mental Fitness Activites

Vacation Packing List - one of many great activities from teachhub.com. "We need to exercise our minds as much as our bodies. Using our memory is one way that we can keep our mind sharp. Gather students onto to the carpet and have them sit in a circle. Tell students that they are going to pretend that they are going on vacation and they have to choose one thing that they have to pack. The trick is that they have to use a noun and go in order with the alphabet. Here’s how it works: The first student will say “I’m going a trip and I’m going to bring an apple.” Then the next person will say “I’m going on a trip and I’m going to bring an apple and a beach towel.” This continues until students get to the letter “Z.”


Mindfulness Survey - from Holly Middle School - have your students complete the linked survey and discuss the results. You will need to print copies of the survey.

Mindfulness - this series of lessons from ClassDojo includes videos and activities related to identifying the power of your emotions, mindful breathing and mindful movements.