Español con Srta. Grieb


Welcome to Spanish at HUES.

This website is a resource for you to learn about the Spanish program here at HUES. Learn about the teaching methodology and what learning Spanish is like at HUES.

What is proficiency?

Proficiency is what students are able to do with a language!

How do we teach proficiency?

By doing! - Speaking, listening, writing, and reading

The 6 Goals of the OWL Methodology:

  • To use the second language (Spanish) 100% of the time

  • To not be afraid of a second language environment

  • Take risks and break down the filter (make mistakes!)

  • To be able to infer and circumlocute

  • To participate & be part of a community

  • Intrinsic Motivation & Student Ownership

How is proficiency assessed? - AAPPL