Milford Title I Program

What is Title I?

Title I, Part A - Helping Disadvantaged Children Meet High Standards Formula grants to school districts through Title I, Part A provide opportunities for children to acquire the knowledge and skills to meet the State proficiency standards. This purpose is accomplished in two ways: (1) by providing children supplemental support through enriched and accelerated education programs; and (2) by providing instructional personnel in participating schools with substantial opportunities for professional development.

New Hampshire Department of Education- Title I

What is Title I in the Milford School District?

The Title I program provides supplemental reading and mathematics instruction at both Jacques Memorial School and Heron Pond Elementary School.

Students are invited to participate in the Title I program based upon benchmark and progress monitoring data, classroom performance, and teacher recommendation. Parental permission is required for student participation in the Title I program.

Contact Milford's Title I Program:

Meg Peterson, Title I Coordinator


Title I Family Game Night

Our first Title I Family Night of the 2017-2018 school year was held on Friday, December 1st. Over 60 Title I students and their families enjoyed a pizza dinner and a night of fun and games! The phenomenal children's librarians from the Wadleigh Memorial Library brought their Giant Candyland, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants! Other board game favorites, such as Guess Who?, Hedbanz, Yahtzee!, and Sorry! were played throughout the evening. Family Night culminated in a book giveaway to all students and raffles for game baskets, game sessions with Mrs. Alcox, Ms. Maguire, Mrs. Peterson, and Mr. Saunders, and game sessions for the students' entire classroom! Fun was had by all!

Annual Title I Parent Meeting

The Title I Annual Parent Meeting was held prior to the start of the Title I Family Game Night on Friday, December 1st.

A presentation explaining the Title I Program can be found here.

The feedback forms that were submitted at the completion of the Annual Meeting included some of the following questions:

1. If you want to buy flashcards to follow the teachers the kids are used to, where would you find that? The Fundations program that the students use for reading has corresponding flashcards which the students use both in class, and with Title I. The flashcards are available for purchase on the Wilson Language website, found here.

2. How are parents notified of the students' progress? Can we get more frequent emails on students' progress? Reading students are sent home with progress reports from their Title I interventionists on a regular basis. Typically the reports go home biweekly though, depending on the calendar, it may be every three weeks. At Heron Pond, the reports include the latest progress monitoring data. At Jacques, the reports include areas of strengths and goal areas. Our After School Math students received monthly progress reports. Parents are always welcome to email Meg Peterson at to ask about their child's progress.

3. Is it possible to schedule a progress meeting with the staff working with my child, if warranted? Meetings with the Title I interventionists can be possible. Mrs. Peterson is always available to meet, as well. Please contact Meg Peterson at if you would like to schedule a meeting.

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