Directors: Mrs. Renee Taylor (rtaylor1@sau4.org)

& Ms. Moulton (emoulton@sau4.org)

Spring 2019 Production:

Action News: Now With 10% More Action!

Action News: Now with 10% More Action! is a super funny, but short, comedy about a “news” show hosted by a gaggle of characters that has you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next punch line. This show has tons of short, very quick scenes, so there is plenty of different types of characters and there’s a part for just about every type of performer. You can read a preview of the play on Playscripts.com.

What’s The Play About? Welcome to WOMG Action News, the most trusted news team since the invention of trust, news, and teams. Join lead anchors Babs Buttlebee and Jim Pickles as they usher us through tonight's top stories at 5:59PM -- from adorable killer puppies, to Apocalypse status updates, to an old man grumbling about old man things. Tune in to WOMG Action News! Or don't and suffer the consequences...


Wednesday, March 27th from 2:00 - 3:30PM

Sign-up for a time slot at the bulletin board in the 6th grade hallway!

You must have the monologue below memorized!

Action News Audition Materials

Cast & Crew Drama Contracts

These must be completed and signed by March 27th, 2019!

Drama Contract - CAST
Drama Contract - CREW

Rehearsal Schedule

Action News Rehearsal Schedule 2019

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