MTSS-B model


Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Behavioral Health and Wellness

The MTSS-B Model

MTSS-B stands for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Behavior. It is a district-wide system focusing on positive behavior intervention and support. It is a system of tools and strategies for defining, teaching, and acknowledging appropriate behavior. It is a framework for creating customized school systems that support student outcomes and academic success. MTSS-B is for the whole school, it is preventative, and it changes the paradigm of focus from negative behaviors and exchanges to positive expectations and interactions.

Each Tier has it's own effective Social-Emotional-Behavioral Support

MTSS-B Model with labels

Tier 1 engages in academic instructional practices teaching social, emotional, behavioral and executive skills. Utilizes strategic practices for prevention of and early response to behavioral concerns. Features universal screening for social-emotional-behavioral concerns and problem-solving for early struggling students. Has a high rate of positive Teacher: Student Contacts (4:1) as well as effective and consistent 2-way home-school communication

Tier 2 features efficient systemic interventions for students non-responsive to Tier 1 supports, has an array of group interventions addressing prevalent functions of behavior and skill-boosting.

Tier 2/3 offers individualized support planning (Functional Assessment and Intervention Planning) for students non responsive to Tier 1 and Tier 2 Supports

Tier 3 utilizes school and community based intensive supports including intensive behavior support plans and crisis intervention. It is the focus of FAST Forward - Families and Systems Together