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Here you will find information regarding Mr Fraser's CP Chemistry and Chemistry I courses at EHS. Weekly schedules are available on Google Classroom for each section shown in the top bar. Assignments and due dates can be viewed on the Calendar. Contact information is available in the Course Information document.

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"... imagine that the gods are playing some great game, like a chess game, and you don't know the rules of the game. You're allowed to look at the board, at least from time to time, and then only in a little corner, perhaps. And from these observations you try to figure out what the rules are of the game - the rules of the pieces moving. You might discover after a bit, when there's only one bishop around on the board that the bishop maintains its color. Later you might figure out that the law for the bishop is that it moves on a diagonal, which would explain the law that you understood before. So that's very analogous to us discovering one law, and then later finding a deeper understanding of it. Then things can happen, everything's going good, you've got all the laws figured out. And then some strange phenomenon occurs in some corner, so you begin to investigate that to look for it - it's castling, something you didn't expect. We're always ... trying to investigate those things in which we DON'T understand the conclusions ... the thing that doesn't fit is the thing that's the most interesting."

-R.P. Feynman

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