Mrs. Miles' English Classes

Mrs. Miles' Schedule 2018 - 2019:

  • Period 1 - AP Literature
  • Period 2 - AP Literature
  • Period 3 - Study
  • Period 4 - Prep Time
  • Period 5 - Junior English
  • Period 6 - CP Junior English
  • Period 7 - CP Junior English

Contact Information:


After earning a BA in English Teaching from the University of New Hampshire and a MAT from Brown University, I began teaching at Exeter High School in 2002. I have continued my professional development through courses at UNH, collaborating with teachers in Belize over the course of six years, earning a certificate in ESL/EFL through ITTT, preparing to serve as a teacher trainer in Ukraine through Peace Corps and attending week long AP training for both AP English courses. In addition to teaching at EHS, I also organize Senior Service Day for the first day of Senior Week in June.