Mrs. Alex Charleston

Main Street School, Special Educator, M.Ed.


My name is Mrs. Alex Charleston and I am a Special Educator at Main Street School! I am pleased to share with you all my webpage introduction. I hope to not only share a little ditty about myself but also include some useful resources and links for you to take with you! You will come to find that I love to encourage family participation in developing the curious minds of the wonderful children we share throughout the school year! You are your child's expert and I will be there along the way to help mold, challenge, and create opportunities for success to instill a love for learning.

About me. I have been part of the Main Street School staff since 2004. However, if you want to go back in time, I was once an elementary student at Main Street School! I loved my experiences at MSS so much then that I decided to be a part of the teaching profession and get back in the door! For the last 12 years, my work capacity has been targeted within grades Kindergarten and First. Throughout these 12 years I have earned my Bachelors in Elementary Education, Special Education Certification, Masters in Literacy and Language Arts, Autism Certificate, Incorporating Integrative Technology Certificate, and I am currently in the process of completing a certification for Teacher of the Blind & Visually Impaired.

On a personal note, I reside in Barrington, NH with my husband, three boys, and one dog. We are a busy household with something always in the planning. My twin boys are heading off to 4rd grade and their new toddler brother is mastering identifying his nose from his toes, and hiding his toys in our laundry basket. Our ol' dog Resi loves to sun bathe wherever she can find a quiet place (best of luck to her!)

These are magical years for your children and I am so excited to be a part of it! Elementary-age children are socially, emotionally, and intrinsically motivated to connect with their community which leads to life-long relationships starting here! Ahead of them are so many happy memories to be made and I hope to be part of a few of them!

Mrs. Alex Charleston, Special Educator, MSS