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Social Studies


  • Come with an open mind! Some things will be challenging, but stay positive and work through them.
  • Be on time (or have a pass if you will be late)
  • Be prepared with class materials (binder, something to write with, and textbook once we start using it)
  • Be respectful to yourself and others (words and actions)
  • Ask for help, don't wait until the last minute before a quiz or due date, let me help you!


This year, we will explore many exciting topics and themes such as the creation of our Constitution, how the branches of government work as a system, the Bill of Rights, westward expansion and the idea of Manifest Destiny, the causes of and the American Civil War, Reconstruction after the Civil War, the industrial revolution, continued westward expansion and settlement, the growth of the American city, the progressive era, American imperialism with continued Manifest Destiny, and World War 1. The overarching theme for most of the year will be the idea of Manifest Destiny and how this idea/belief is connected to the growth and expansion of the United States. We will also discover and keep track of how the United States has taken on various physical forms as it has become the country that it is today. This year will we examine and study how the United States changed politically, economically, and socially between 1776 and 1918.

You can locate a lot of our worksheets, readings, presentations, guides, videos, study guides, and other tools here for additional help!

Class Format

We will use a wide range of activities and strategies as we discover American history from the Constitution, to WWI. We will use discussions, small group activities, partner work, individual work, games, projects, and simulations. Quizzes will take place during multiple parts of larger units, whereas tests would be a cumulative assessment at the end of a shorter unit. I encourage participation not only through speaking, discussion, debating, and questioning, but also through listening.


Grades are done using a point scale. The larger the assignment, the more points it is worth. On average, each trimester students have the opportunity to earn anywhere from 300 to 350 points.

    • Projects & large assignments range from 15-40 points
    • Tests & quizzes range from 15-35 points
    • Class work ranges from 5-20 points
    • Homework ranges from 3-10 points


Each night you should review what we did in class for 10-15 minutes to check your understanding. if you find yourself unable to explain what we did and what the big ideas were (without your notes), then please take note of your questions and areas of confusion so we can review it during the next class!

Other homework assignments are usually started in class, and more often than not, you should be able to finish them in school! If you are spending unreasonable amounts of time doing homework, please see me so we can look at your work patterns to figure out what to do to help you be successful.

It is your responsibility to keep your agenda book up-to-date with homework assignments, and due dates for larger projects. Projects will be done in class and at home. The key to not having a lot of homework is to remain focused during class-time, and pace yourself for projects (timelines will be provided) or assessment prep (you'll know at least a week ahead of time for any tests/quizzes).

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