Social Studies

Ms. Levesque

Cawley Middle School- 603-518-5047

Weekly Forecast- Social Studies 2018-2019
Cornell Homework Assignments 2018-2019

Vocabulary & Studying Tips


  • For each unit, the key/main vocabulary terms are posted on the bulletin board at the front of the room and below. You can Click here and join our Quizlet vocabulary study group as well.

General Study Tips:

  • Set SMALL goals for yourself to achieve each week- make sure you CELEBRATE your achievements!
    • "Today, I will review social studies for 15 minutes and then explain what I learned today to someone at home."
    • "By the end of this week I will have completed all my classwork and homework."
    • "I will email my teacher once a week with questions I have about what we are learning."

  • Test yourself or ask someone to help you at home:
    • Can you define and explain each vocabulary term in your own words?
    • Can you create a complex sentence and include each term?
    • Could you teach someone (with evidence and details) the information without reading your notes or using materials?

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