Our Class




Seventh grade math emphasizes cooperative learning, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. Real and rational numbers, algebraic expressions and equations, proportions, geometry, probability, and statistics are the major topics studied this year.


Please have the following supplies for class:

  • Pencils (NO PENS)
  • 2 inch 3-ringed binder
  • 1 package - loose leaf paper
  • 1 pkg. Expo whiteboard markers (can be thin ones)
  • Textbook cover (can be covered with paper)


Assignments are updated on Powerschool on a weekly basis. Grading is on a point scale so the more points an assignment is worth, a bigger weight it will carry on the overall grade. *Starting 10/9/18* Any 0's in a grade due to missing work during a chapter must be made-up before the chapter assessment. After the assessment is complete, the assignments may not be made-up and the 0 stays in the grade.


Homework will be given 2-3 nights per week. Unless otherwise stated, homework is due the following day in class. Regular class homework should not take you hours! If you're struggling with an assignment and you've been working on it for more than 30 - 45 minutes then stop working and write down at least one question that you have or reach out and email me, we will address the questions together the next day in class.