Mrs. Sprague

First Grade


Happy Fall!

Where has October gone!? We have been working hard in first grade. We are really starting to feel and act like first graders! We have started to become more independent during our independent workshop time where we work on handwriting, word studies, reading books and listening to books! Everyone seems to love our online application Epic! This app has loads of free books that children can read or have read to them. It is our favorite spot during workshop. We have started to get into the groove of school and are sailing through reading. In small groups we are focusing on reading and writing sight words, finding spelling patterns in words and sorting word families. Decodables are being sent home regularing. It is great extra practice to keep reading those decodables at home.

In math we are really thinking deeply and exploring numbers zero to ten. It has been AMAZING to watch everyone grow their brains about these concepts. We learned about number bonds and how to use them to help us in addition. Soon we will be begin talking about subtraction! This can be a tricky change because we have been working so hard are putting numbers together and now we are taking them part. Our knowledge of addition facts to ten will really help!

In writing we have been talking about creating sentences. Every sentence starts with a capital letter, is a complete thought and ends with a stop sign. A stop sign is any punctuation mark that tells us a sentence is done. To make a complete thought in our sentence we learned about the two parts of a sentence, a subject and a predicate. A subject is the person, place or thing the sentence is about and the predicate is the action of the subject. To really help us understand this process we have been working on writing a class book about Fall. I can't wait to share pictures of all their amazing writing when it is complete.

As the days are getting cooler please remember to send your child with appropriate clothing. We will go outside even when there is snow! A light coat is recommended for this season. Please also remember to be talking with your child about his or her lunch. You can add money to lunch accounts online at: or send money in an envelope marked: Lunch Money- Child's Name-Sprague.

Here are some dates to remember:

  • October 20- PTA Spooktacular
  • October 26- Fall Festival
  • November 12- Veteran's Day- No School
  • November 13- Parent Teacher Conferences- No School

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Sprague

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I can't believe we are already done day three! Everyone has done an amazing job following directions and learning how to be a first grader even in this heat! Please remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather. We still continue with our daily schedule in any weather.

We have been working to get to know each other, learn names and routines for being at school. Friday we created morning meeting rules. These rules will help us be respectful and do our best listening when we meet on our rug as a class. Today we talked about our sticker charts. Sticker charts help us remember to follow all the directions we have learned to keep us safe and do our best learning. When someone gets 10 stickers they get a trip to the prize box! It's very exciting and I know lots of friends will be going soon. If you have any spare party favor toys or McDonald toys you would like to donate to our prize box please send them to school.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in donations. They mean so much to our class. All these small things really help our classroom run smoothly and stay clean.

Please check out the Schedules page to see the special schedule for our class and daily schedule once that has been finalized. Starting tomorrow we will be doing NWEA and DIBELS testing. These assessments are to measure the growth of child through their progression of school. Please make sure your child has breakfast and gets a good night sleep. You will receive copies of the results.

Here are some dates to remember:

Wednesday 9/5- NWEA Reading

Monday 9/10- DIBELS

Wednesday 9/12- NWEA Math

Wednesday 9/19- Open House

Friday 9/29- No School- Teacher Workshop Day

Happy Summer Everyone,

Welcome to our classroom website! I hope that everyone is having some wonderful summer adventures. I am very busy this summer getting our classroom all set up for our first day and teaching Summer Academy! I am trying to squeeze in some pool time while juggling everything else too! Our classroom website is a great resource for staying connected. Please take a moment to look around. There are many fun games and study resources on the Helpful Website page.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at

I can't wait to hear all about your summer! Keep making those memories! See you in August!

Your Teacher,

Mrs. Sprague

August 14, 2018

I can tell everyone is slowly getting my letters as more and more parents sign up for Remind notifications. I am so excited to use this new tool to keep in touch. Remember, please do not hesitate to contact me! I have received a couple of questions about school supplies. I do not require a specific school supply list. However, if your child has any supplies he/she would like to bring to use this year, he/she is more than welcome to. All your child is required to have for first grade is a backpack, lunch box and/or water bottle.

I cannot wait to meet everyone on August 28th at Meet the Teacher. Enjoy the rest of your summers!

~Mrs. Sprague