September 25, 2017

Good afternoon,

This week's spelling list was sent home today. Please use the September spelling menu to practice spelling words this week for homework. If you need another copy of the menu please let me know. The list and spelling menu can also be found here.

Mark your calendars:

  • September 29- No School (Teacher Workshop Day)
  • October 9- No School (Columbus Day)

Have a wonderful week,

Ms. Brittain


Please check the Spelling page for an updated spelling list. I apologize for the list not going home today. There was a typo with the list and the correct list will be sent home tomorrow.

Thank you,

Ms. Brittain

September 17, 2017

Hello Everyone,

We made it through a full week of school! The last few days have been amazing! We have really started coming together as a class and have really enjoyed getting to know each other. We have worked hard and had a lot of fun too! Below are some pictures taken last week by our classroom photographer Gavan while we explored our math manipulatives. We also had a ton of fun being creative with light on Friday to celebrate International Dot Day! Pictures will follow.

Please check your child's Take Home Folder. This weeks spelling list and reading log will be sent home. For more information please check the Homework and Spelling tabs.

Important Dates to remember:

  • September 20- Open House for 2nd grade 6:00pm-7:30pm
  • September 29- No School

If you have any questions please email or Remind message me anytime.

Have a wonderful week,

Ms. Brittain

GA and LD investigating our base ten blocks.

EH investigating our unifix cubes.

SG investigating our pattern blocks and adding on to a design created by other classmates

GA, our Photographer, taking a selfie with his tower of unifix cubes.

A wonderful design of pattern blocks

September 5, 2017

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We made it through the first three days and they were a success! It is so great to be back in the school routine and to see all of those smiling faces in the morning. We have had an amazing couple days getting to know each other and reminding ourselves how to be respectful and patient students.

We have also talked a lot about the things we cannot do...yet! We are working on having a growth mindset this year and remembering that we are not expected to know everything in second grade...yet! We have been referencing our growth mindset mascot the Yeti to help us remember to all be Yetis. The next couple weeks we will continue to talk about Respect and being Yetis as we get more familiar with new routines and expectations.

Thank you so much to everyone that has donated supplies to our classroom. We were so grateful to have them that first day when a water bottle broke and water went everywhere! Having some good paper towels to soak up the water was wonderful!

Please check out some additional tabs on our website. I have added a spelling, homework, math, reading, Growth Mindset, and Word of the Month tab. These tabs will be updated with information regarding these topics.

As always please do not hesitate to email or send me a Remind message if you have any questions or concerns!

Have an amazing week!


Ms. Brittain

August 17, 2017

Hello Everyone,

I hope your summers are going well. I have been spending A LOT of time in our classroom. I have been eagerly counting down the days and I cannot believe the first day of school is only 14 days away! Is everyone ready??

If you haven't already done so please check out the contact page and sign up for Remind. It is the easiest and quickest form of communication. I am so excited to be using it this year.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for these important dates:

  • August 29th- Meet the Teacher 2-4pm
  • August 31st- First Day of School

Remember if you have any questions or concerns please contact me anytime.

Enjoy your last few summer moments, I cannot wait to see you in 14 days!

Your Teacher,

Ms. Brittain

August 3, 2017

Happy Summer Everyone,

Welcome to our classroom website! I hope that everyone is having some wonderful summer adventures. I am very busy this summer getting our classroom all set up for our first day and teaching Summer Academy! I am trying to squeeze in some pool time while juggling everything else too! Our classroom website is a great resource for staying connected. Please take a moment to look around. There are many fun games and study resources on the Helpful Website page.

Here are a few dates to mark on your calendar:

  • August 29th- Meet the Teacher 2-4pm
  • August 31st- FIRST DAY!!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at

I can't wait to hear all about your summer! Keep making those memories! See you in August!

Your Teacher,

Ms. Brittain