Sixth Grade Mathematics

Ms. Goulakos, Team Yale, David R. Cawley Middle School

Mathematics Curriculum

Sixth grade students will primarily use the Math In Focus curriculum to study the sixth grade math Common Core standards. The program is a great tool to help students make sense of math problems and persevere when solving them. Students in sixth grade solidify mastery of foundational math skills and move towards applications and exploratory.

Sixth grade's primary areas of study are: rational numbers and number lines, rates and ratios; multiplication and division of fractions; expressions and equations; area, surface area, and volume and statistics.

Meet the teacher

My name is Ms. Goulakos and I cannot wait to work with you this year on Team Yale! I look forward to spending my sixth year teaching as a sixth grade mathematics teacher at Cawley Middle School. Previously I taught grades 3-6 in the Newport School District. I attended Keene State College where I obtained dual degrees in Elementary Education and Mathematics Education (K-8). Some of my out- of- school hobbies include: crotcheting, gardening, spending time with my dog, Charlie, and overall trying new things!

The best way to contact me is via email