Grade 3 Learning Center

Welcome to Third Grade

My name is Lynn Lundergan and I am the Special Educator working with third graders. I have taught in Hooksett for 30+ years and continue to enjoy my students and the challenges of education.

I work both in classrooms and the Learning Center on specific goals and objectives of student IEPs. I have 2-3 paraprofessionals available to work with students as well, in classes, individually or in small groups. These paraprofessionals work under my direction and offer support of students and their teachers.

I am a very energetic individual who is busy all day. I am usually in school by 7:30 and welcome phone calls or emails. I prefer to meet with parents before school as much as possible to limit interruption to instruction. When necessary I gladly schedule meetings to fulfill IEP requirements. I am very open to parent questions or concerns and encourage contact whenever needed. It takes a team to educate our children and parents are a very important part of this team!