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Thoughts from Mrs. Gleason:

Believe it or not, I am more of the Marie Kondo The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up kind of art teacher than an A&E TV Hoarder one. Being an art teacher involves a great deal of sorting, organizing and ruthless throwing away. Kindly donated crafty materials, those broken crayon ends you have been saving for years, and hardest of all, those beautiful treasures of artwork created by students. That's why when I came across a pile of photographs of student work from the 1990s I was surprised. How could I still have a collection of student work that wasn't digital? Looking through them as I painfully threw them in the trash I spotted one of my all time favorite student works. I know I shouldn't have favorites, however some works of art just touch your heart. This gem was a painting by a first grade student. The assignment was to use the primary colors and white to create new hues. The background was an amazing swirl of wild brush strokes and color. Some areas were scrubbed hard with the brush until the paper was pilled. Others were mixed so much that the resulting color resembled mud. On top of that was a small astronaut painted in white. Looking at it brought me back to when it was painted. A small dark haired boy named Mike, I think, mixed new colors, exclaiming excitedly as he discovered new hues and quickly painted them on his paper. The second day he worked on it he considered it carefully and decided to add himself, the astronaut he was certain he would one day become. Throughout the process he was alternately intense, cheerful, excited and pensive. He seriously considered each new color he mixed, furrowing his brow as he encountered an undesirable result, cheered with excitement when he overcame the problem to create a color he was happy with. Just looking at the photograph reminded me of all the things l love about being an art teacher.

In the world of instagram filters, paint and sip experiences, and computer images it is difficult to remember to appreciate all that goes into a seemingly simple work of art. I wish you could be a fly on the art studio wall and see what happens while students are in the process of creating. Sometimes, as adults, we tend to take for granted all of the learning, struggle and heart that goes into a child's work of art. We forget it is more about the process then the product. In the art studio students must think creatively, solve problems, persevere, develop resiliency, observe carefully, communicate, imagine, share, invent, reflect and organize. A failed work of art is a valuable learning experience. A successful one is a triumph of epic proportions. I believe that creating art helps students develop habits and skills that they will use in all areas of their lives, for the rest of their lives.

While my job title may be "art teacher" I believe my role is to be the coach, mentor and cheerleader of children as they work through the process of creating. It is an honor and a privilege to do so.

To ensure your child has the best art experience possible please be sure they "dress for a mess" on art days!