Mrs. Cloutier's

3rd Grade


Classroom Responsibilities

September 2018


Each week the students will be given homework that reinforces concepts that have been taught in class. These homework assignments are geared to take the students 30-35 minutes to complete. If it is taking your child longer to finish their homework, and you have concerns, please let me know. If your child is finishing their homework quickly, please also let me know so that I can adjust what is given.

Homework will be assigned every day including practicing reading/math fluency. In class the students will fill out their homework assignments for the week in their student planners. Please refer to the student/parent handbook for homework requirements and grading policy. Homework is an important part of each student’s grade. It is extremely important that homework assignments are completed and past in on time.

Most of the homework will be done on the computer, if there is a concern that your child doesn't have access to a computer, please let me know and I will supply them with another form of homework.

Monday – IXL - math

Reading Fluency

Writing assignment to be completed in the student’s spiral notebook which will be referred to as ‘Monday Night Journal Write’. This journal write homework assignment is due on Thursday. This assignment must be turned in on time, so that students can share their writing Friday. Throughout the year we will be working on specific skills. Once a skill has been introduced, the students’ Monday Night Journal Write will reflect that skill. Once the students’ writing becomes more fluent, specific topics and longer writing requirements will be assigned.

Tuesday – IXL - math

Reading Fluency


Wednesday – Prodigy

Reading Fluency

Big Universe

Thursday - IXL - math

Spelling City- On Monday the students will be introduced to their weekly spelling words. Then the students will work from a challenge list to create their own spelling lists. The students will take home a list that has a column entitled ‘spelling pretest’ (these are their initial spelling words). If a student spells a spelling word correctly, they then pick a challenge word to fill in under the ‘Spelling Words to Study at Home’ section. If the student does not spell that word correctly, then they correct it in the ‘Spelling Words’ section. Your child will be responsible for studying the ‘Spelling Words to Study at Home’ section of this paper. They will be tested on Friday.

Friday – Read!

Along with the weekly homework, the students will be responsible for getting their student planners signed each night. After your child completes their homework assignment, please initial or sign at the bottom of that column under each night’s homework. Every Friday the 'Terrific Three' will check planners and those students that have a signature under each night's homework will be awarded beans to be use for a reward when they accumulate enough. Please make sure your child’s student planner is brought back and forth to school every day.


Every Friday, an update on your child’s progress for the week will be sent home in the form of a “Just an Update.” This notice will keep you informed as to the responsibilities your child has within the classroom and as a third grader. If incomplete classroom work is attached to your child’s update, that work must be completed over the weekend and returned to me for credit on Monday. If the update requests a signature, please sign and return the update by Monday. Please watch for these every Friday. They are an important connection between home and school.

Book Projects

The students will be doing 5-6 book projects this year. Book projects will be assigned approximately every other month starting in September, November, January, March, and May. Requirements will be sent home and placed on the web once the book project is assigned.

Literature Circles

Literature Circles will be introduced this year. Once we complete NWEA testing, I will send home information with respect to this responsibility. Please review my Literature Circle page.

Reward Systems

There are two types of reward systems in our classroom. One is an individual ‘bean’ reward and the other a ‘marble’ whole class reward. Beans are given to those students who are following the classroom rules, working cooperatively, listening to directions, and other characteristics that promote achievement. Every Friday they can use their beans to purchase items from the prize box.

Marbles are received when the whole class works together in cleaning up, working in groups, paying attention during lessons, participating, listening to instructions, and any other whole class behavior that promotes teamwork. Once the marble jar is filled the class will decide how they wish to celebrate their accomplishment. The jar can be filled as many times as the class can fill it throughout the year.

If there are any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My e-mail address is and I will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and cooperation. I look forward to working with both you and your child this year.

Mrs. Cloutier