Mrs. McLain's

Third Grade

Meet The Teacher / Ice Cream Social

(Grade 3 Only)

Wednesday, August 29, 2018, 3:30-5:00PM

Parent/Guardian Survey

During Meet the Teacher, I will ask you to fill out some information about your child. If you’d like to do it in advance, you can fill it out by using the link above.

Welcome to 3M!

Upcoming Third Graders: As many of you know, I was on maternity leave for the last trimester of the 17-18 school year but I look forward to coming back to school in August. Please poke around my website and email me with any questions you may have. But most importantly, enjoy your summer vacation! Make sure you spend lots of time outside, reading, and practicing your math facts! Keep an eye out for a letter in the mail soon!

3M Current Class: I am SO PROUD of all of you. You have worked so hard this year, persevered through challenging tasks, taken risks and they have paid off! I loved getting to know you this year and watching you grow - just as you loved having Alana visit and watching her grow! I will miss each and every one of you and hope you'll visit next year.


Students will use:

  • box of pencils (#2, Ticonderoga sharpen best)
  • colored pencils and/or crayons (no need for more than a 24 pack)
  • EXPO dry-erase markers
  • pencil sharpener (hand held/enclosed)
  • 1-2 Extra Fine Sharpie(s) - black
  • pencil case
  • Elmer’s glue sticks (2-4 is plenty)
  • scissors (kids)
  • pencil erasers (pencil top or block)
  • 2 composition notebooks (wide ruled, 80-100 sheets) - pick ones that you'll want to use all year! (preferably with vinyl covers as they last the whole year)
  • earbuds or headphones (inexpensive ones work just fine!) - in a Ziploc bag clearly labeled with your child’s name
  • healthy snack & drink every day (water bottles are permitted on desks at all times)

If you'd like to donate, here are things we would appreciate:

  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Soft tissues
  • Pencils & pencil top erasers
  • EXPO dry erase markers
  • Ziploc bags - sandwich, quart, or gallon
  • Plastic spoons or forks
  • Hand sanitizer (with pump)
  • Loved (used) books, kid’s magazines, board games, or card games

If you have any questions, please email me at

Please do not send binders, folders, rulers, staplers, or extra large packs of crayons or colored pencils.

If for any reason you are unable to obtain these supplies, I will have extra for students.

At home, it would be beneficial for your child to have pencils and paper (or whiteboard & marker) to complete homework. Additionally, third graders would benefit from multiplication flash cards at home to practice facts!

April 20, 2018

Mrs. Ivers will be the long-term substitute for the remainder of the school year. You can reach her at As always, feel free to email me if you need anything!

March Update - Maternity Leave

As you may know, my daughter was born at the end of February. After much consideration, I have decided to not return to the classroom this year to spend this time with her. It was not an easy decision. I will be return in the Fall of 2018.

I have been working closely with Mrs. Bobay who is currently the substitute in the classroom. If you need to email her, you can reach her at I continue to check emails so feel free to reach out for any reason!

I will be in often to visit as I miss the students tremendously!


Today was the first Invention Convention at HMS! It was amazing to see all of the students' great ideas! In our class, we had two students participate. Here are photos of them with their inventions and explaining them to the class. Way to go Wyatt & Cece!

On Monday (2/12), students will be introduced to their Life Cycle Project. This project will be in place of homework for the next two weeks. It will be due on Wednesday, February 21, 2018. This allows us the Thursday & Friday before vacation to present our projects.

Life Cycle Project


Today was our first SCA lesson (due to the snow day yesterday). We learned the Earth Steward Pledge (and motions) and all about the four spheres of the earth. Here are some photos of them learning the pledge as well as sorting pictures into the different spheres (hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere, geosphere).

SCA is coming back to HMS! Our third graders will be participating in this amazing program. Yesterday, our class got to meet Andy, Kelsey, and Tara. They will be coming to our classroom on Wednesdays from 10:20-11:20 for nine weeks to teach the students about topics such as the water cycle, soil, rocks/minerals, plants/trees, habitats, and weather. The note below was sent home on 2/1/18.

*Please note that classroom teachers will be present during all lessons with the SCA volunteers.

Week of 1/29/18

  • Math - This week we will be wrapping up Division and moving onto Fractions (Chapter 14).
  • Social Studies - We are continuing our unit on Native Americans.
  • Winter NWEA Testing - Tuesday 1/30/18 & Tuesday 2/6/18.
  • Art - Students will be completing animal habitat dioramas beginning on February 5. They will soon be taking home a list of materials they may need. If you are unable to gather the materials, please let me know. I'm happy to help!

Week of 1/22/18

  • Reading - This week we will finish our lessons using Make Way for Ducklings. The assessment will be on Tuesday. Wednesday through Friday, we will be completing activities using Knots on a Counting Rope, a story about young Navajo boy and his grandfather.
  • Math - Chapter 8 - Division
    • (Note: use the math tab for what we will be learning during this chapter)
  • Writing - Together we completed a five-paragraph informational essay on Snowy Owls. Students will now use what they've learned about writing informational essays and write their own essay on their animal of choice.
  • Social Studies - We are moving on to our competency "identifies and explores groups of people who have affected life in the United States." Miss DeLorenzo will be completing a two-week unit on Native Americans with the students.
  • Winter NWEA Testing - Tuesday 1/30/18 & Tuesday 2/6/18.
  • Scholastic Book Order due Friday (1/26/18)
  • Art - Students will be completing animal habitat dioramas beginning on February 5. They will soon be taking home a list of materials they may need. If you are unable to gather the materials, please let me know. I'm happy to help!

Week of 1/15/18

  • No School Monday, 1/15/18
  • Reading - This week our story is Make Way for Ducklings. This is the classic tale of the famous mallard ducks in Boston. We will work on comprehension strategies including cause and effect, sequencing, and inferencing. On Monday, 1/22, students will be going on a "Lit Trip" using Google Earth to follow the path of the ducklings from this story.
  • Math - Chapter 8 - Division (Note: use the math tab for what we will be learning during this chapter)
  • Science - We are finishing up our second science pilot on Electric & Magnetic Forces.
  • Writing - We have been working on an informational writing about snowy owls. This week, we'll learn (and practice) peer editing.
  • Winter NWEA Testing - Tuesday 1/30/18 & Tuesday 2/6/18.
  • Invention Convention forms are DUE 1/19/18.
  • Homework: Complete two-column notes for chosen animal (what it eats, where it lives, what it looks like). It is due on Friday 1/19/18.
        • This will be used for an informational essay in writing.
        • Students will also be using this research to create a diorama in art near the end of the month.

Meet Miss DeLorenzo:

"Hello, my name is Megan, Miss D to the third grade students. I am going to be student teaching in Mrs. McLain’s classroom for the next eight weeks. I am studying elementary education with a certification in special education at Southern New Hampshire University. I am in my final semester! I live on campus, but I am from Beverly, Massachusetts. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, going to the beach, and traveling. I am very excited to be student teaching in Mrs. McLain’s classroom!"

Coming in January 2018...

Math - Chapter 8 (Division) - During this chapter, it's very important for students to have mastered most of the multiplication facts.

Reading - We will begin Unit 2 - Animals and their Habitats. We will continue to work on fluency, comprehension, and expanding our vocabulary.

Writing - We will begin Informational Writing. Our first topic will be Snowy Owls. Students will read informational sources about the owls, then write an organized essay about where they live, what they eat, and what they look like.

Student Teacher - Beginning January 8, we will have a senior from SNHU complete her student teaching internship in our classroom for 8 full weeks. Miss DeLorenzo has already spent many hours in our classroom this fall/winter getting to know the students and routines and has taught some mini lessons. We are happy to have her join our classroom community!

All of third grade will be having a Polar Express Pajama Day on Friday, December 22, 2017 to celebrate the season together. Students are invited to wear their pajamas to school for the day.

Please note:

  • Slippers are not permitted.
  • Students will be going outside for a regular recess.

In our class, students are allowed to bring in small stuffed animals, blankets or pillows to use during the movie (they should fit in the student’s backpack).

Fun in the Snow! Please remember that in order to be in the snow, your child needs a winter coat, snowpants, winter boots, a hat, and gloves/mittens.

12/6 - HMS Chorus Concert - Today our chorus and bands had their dress rehearsal in front of the whole school! It was incredible! Here are some pictures of the students in our class that are in the HMS chorus as well as a shot of their performance. Good luck to all of those performing tonight at Cawley!

Awesome job Aubrey, Ava, Cece, Mia, Kierra, and Jacoby!

Week of 12/4/17

  • Reading - We will be reading our last story in our unit on Communities. This week's story is called Whatever Happened to the Baxter Place? It is about a farm family begins to sell their land piece by piece as urbanization creeps farther and farther into the country.
  • Math - We will be starting our multiplication tests this week. Students will have to pass x0/x1 to move onto x2, then x10, then x5, and so on. We have been working on the conceptual understanding of multiplication for many weeks. All students are able to solve multiplication using many different strategies. Now it's important that students begin to recall the products from memory.
  • Writing - Students continue to work on their argumentative writing - TV Time.
  • Science - We have been learning about forces and motion and will continue throughout this week before we move into our second program pilot and learn about electric & magnetic forces.
  • Report cards go home this Friday! A few things to note about report cards:
      • Students have earned their letter grades in reading, writing, and math based upon their completed work throughout the trimester.
      • Competencies are given to match how students are progressing towards meeting the third grade standards.
      • Our class will have different science competencies graded (than the other third grade classes at HMS) because our class is completing a district-wide pilot of two potential science programs for the years to come and have covered different topics.

Week of 11/27/17

  • Math - We will begin to wrap up Chapter 6. Our test will be on Tuesday, December 5. Students should be practicing their multiplication facts each night! Begin with x0, x1, x2, x5, x10 facts. Once students have a good recall of the products, work on x3 and x4 facts.
  • Writing - This week students will work on their first independent argumentative writing. Students will have two articles, have to gather the important facts from each, then make an argument about whether or not TV time is appropriate for children using evidence from the text sources. We completed a similar task together over the past few weeks about whether or not schools should be year round.
  • Trimester 1 closes on December 1. Report cards will go home on 12/8.
  • Save the Date - PTA Holiday Gift Fair - Saturday, December 9 at HMS
  • HMS is currently hosting a food drive. Please send in non-perishable food items to help those who are less fortunate! Thank you!

Week of 11/20/17

  • Math - We will continue with Chapter 6 - Multiplication (x6, 7, 8, 9)
  • Reading - focus on cause & effect and the history of Thanksgiving
  • Slapstick Science Assembly - 11/21 - Thanks to our PTA!
  • No School 11/22-11/24 - Enjoy your Thanksgiving! :)

Week of 11/13/17

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences on Tuesday! Please show up on time as conferences are only 15 minutes.
  • Thursday - Students have book exchange in library.
  • Reading - This week we are reading How Many Days to America? by Eve Bunting and focusing on vocabulary, story elements, and inferring.
  • Math - We are continuing with Chapter 6 - Multiplication. Students are getting a deeper understanding of the meaning of multiplication. However, it would be VERY helpful for your child to start practicing their multiplication facts at home. Begin with x0, x1, x2, x5, x10 facts. Once students have a good recall of the products, work on x3 and x4 facts.
  • Writing - We are working on argumentative writing. Specifically, student are writing an essay about whether or not schools should be year round based upon text evidence from sources that give the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of school scheduling.

Week of 11/6/17

  • Reading - Our focus has been on nonfiction text features, using context clues, and affixes. Our reading test will be on Thursday.
  • Math - We have started multiplication! Please be sure your child is practicing their multiplication facts nightly. Begin with x0, x1, x2, x5, x10 facts. Once students have a good recall of the products, work on x3 and x4 facts.
  • Veteran's Day - HMS will be honoring our Veteran's on Thursday, November 9th at 2:30, with an assembly. All the pictures that were sent in will be presented in a slideshow. Also, our students will be singing a patriotic songs.
    • No School on Friday!

Week of 10/31/17

  • Tuesday (Halloween) - No Homework!
  • Reading - Our story is Earthquake! The 1906 San Francisco Nightmare - due to the short week, our test on this story won't be until Thursday, November 9.
  • Math - We are finishing up Chapter 5 - Real World Problems using Addition and Subtraction. The test will be on Friday, November 3.
  • No School - Veteran's Day - Friday, November 10, 2017
  • Recorders - Students will need their recorders every Tuesday for music, beginning on November 7, 2017.
  • No School - Parent-Teacher Conferences, Tuesday, November 14, 2017
    • Please arrive on time as conferences are only 15 minutes.
    • Reminders about scheduled time went home on Tuesday, 10/31
    • If you are unable to make it, please email me or call the office so they can relay the message!

Reminder: Students will need RECORDERS for music beginning on November 7, 2017. If you haven't purchased one yet, be sure to buy a soprano recorder.

Week of 10/23/17

  • Math - We will be finishing Chapter 4 (Subtraction) and taking our test on Tuesday. Afterwards, we will begin Chapter 5 (Real World Problems using Addition & Subtraction).
  • Reading - This week our story is The House on Maple Street. (When the two girls who live at 107 Maple Street discover an ancient arrowhead and a broken china cup, they begin to wonder what life was like 300 years ago.)
  • Yo-Yo sales will continue on Monday and Tuesday from The Ned Show.
  • A notice went home about sending in pictures for our Veteran's Day assembly. Please send in the picture by Friday, October 27 (labeled with name of military member and relation to student).

Week of 10/16/17 -

  • Reading - We will continue working with the Biography of Jackie Robinson, Teammates. We are practicing vocabulary, using context clues, finding the author's purpose, and main idea/details.
  • Students will begin researching a famous athlete to create a timeline of their life.
  • Math - We will continue working on Chapter 4, Subtraction within 10,000. Please practice subtraction facts at home!
  • Thursday - The NED Show Assembly at 1 pm

HFD Presentation & Truck Tour (10/12/17) - THANK YOU HFD!

Students were excited because HFD brought their ladder truck!

10/6/17 - Next week -

  • No School Monday - Columbus Day
  • Wednesday - Chapter 3 Math Test (Addition to 10,000)
  • Reading - We will be reading Teammates - the story of Jackie Robinson becoming the first professional African American baseball player.
  • Thursday - Fire Prevention Assembly/Fire Truck Tour
  • PTA Fundraiser DUE October 11th!

10/4/17 - This week our story is about a little girl who moves from Korea to the USA. These are some words our class found interesting and we did some research about what the words meant. Other words included foreign, pastel, glum, plump and monsoon.

10/2/17 - Today was our school-wide PBIS reward for the month of September. All students in our class were respectful (which was the word of the month for September). As a result, we got to watch Inside Out. The word of the month for October is Kindness.

*Remind Notice - Please note that I will be continue to use Remind as a way to remind you of upcoming information. However, if you need to get in touch with me, please email me at

Math - This week we will be starting Chapter 3, Addition to 10,000, in math.

Reading - Our story this week will be Goodbye, 382 Shin Dang Dong.

Sept 29th - Important Dates

PTA Fundraiser - The first fundraiser was handed out to students on Wednesday, September 27th. Please make sure that students sell safely and return the forms by Wednesday, October 11th. Thank you for your continue support.

Off Site Evacuation - During the week of October 2, our staff and students will participate in an off-site evacuation of the school. Both the Hooksett Fire and Police Departments are expected to participate in the exercise.

Picture Day - Students will have their pictures taken on Friday, October 6th

Destination Imagination - Parent and Student Information & Registration Night

Anyone interested in learning more about a year long – after school Creative Problem Solving Enrichment Program

Please attend!

Tuesday October 3, 2017

6:00 PM in the Media Center

If you’d like-a-challenge, join us to hear more about what DI is all about.

Please note: We meet every Wednesday afternoons, beginning on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 (3:30 – 5:00). Extended time will be added as we approach the March Tournaments. The expectation is that each team member will be there each week in order to be a part of the DI team. If a team is selected to advance to a state tournament, the commitment lasts a bit longer. Work will be assigned each week. Please contact Ellie Stetson, HMS DI coordinator at if you have questions.

9/26/17 Conferences - If you'd like to a conference, please use this link to sign up for a time.

9/25/17 Look at all the ways our class found to solve this one addition problem! Way to go!

9/19/17 - Skywatch

We are excited to announce that SKYWATCH is scheduled for Thursday, September 28, 2017 from 7:30-9 pm in the back parking lot at CMS. Hopefully the weather will be clear with no chance of rain. Please not that the astronomers will be focusing on different celestial objects so they will want to go to all the telescopes.

9/15/17 - Accelerated Reader (AR)

Accelerated Reader is up and running for third graders! AR is a computer based reading comprehension program. "Your child picks a book at his own level and reads it at his own pace. When finished, your child takes a short quiz on the computer. (Passing the quiz is an indication that your child understood what was read.) AR gives children and teachers feedback based on the quiz results."

Be aware that you cannot complete a google search for AR, as each school has it's own specific URL. Be sure to use the Important Links tab for the correct AR website. In my class, students can earn rewards for their points! The more challenging the book, the more points they earn. However, if a child doesn’t pass the test, they do not earn any points. Therefore, students should be choosing books that are at their appropriate reading level. Quizzes can be taken at home or school but need to be completed independently by the student. Here is the HMS AR link. I am also challenging my students to read 1 million words each this year! We will keep track of the words read throughout the year.

To log in, your child will use the first letter of their first name, and first four letters of their last name as their username (Two students have a 1 after the first four letters of their last name - double check the notice that went home for your child's username). Passwords are "abc". Students can begin taking quizzes immediately.

9/13/17 - A few notes:

  • Chorus notices went home today - Chorus is on Wednesdays from 8:15-8:55 am in the music room. An informational meeting will be on Wednesday, 9/20 from 8:15-8:55 am.
  • Open House - Third & Fifth Grade - Tuesday, 9/26 from 6-7:30 pm.
  • Agendas - Please check your child's agenda for reminders. However, please note that I do not check students agendas for notes - it is for them to write down the HW and reminders each morning and to refer to at night. If you have questions for me, please send in a separate note or email me.
  • STAR Homework - Students first homework assignment is due on Friday!

9/8/17 - Today students went home with a notice for their Continents and Oceans map quiz. The quiz will be on Wednesday, 9/20. Students will not need to know how to spell the continents or oceans as they'll be provided with a word bank. However, points will be taken off for words not spelled correctly.

9/1 - Book Order - Students came home with their first book order this year. You can either order online (many more book choices!) or return the flyers with exact cash or check (made out to Scholastic). Our class code is: 1YMJN. I will use the bonus points we receive from your orders to get new books for our classroom library for everyone to enjoy!

Highlights - Students came home with the form on Friday. Please check YES or NO and sign. Either way, please return the signed form to school ASAP!

Wednesday, 9/6 - We will have our Fall Reading NWEA testing at 9:15 am.

8/31 - Today was an excellent first day of third grade! We learned many routines and procedures and got to know each other a little bit. I'm looking forward to a great year!

Please know that you can contact me any time at