8th Grade Science

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Welcome to 8th Gr ade Science. Our curriculum focuses on Life, Earth and Physical Science. The units of study will include, Cells & Genetics, Earth’s History, and Chemistry. We will be concentrating much of our learning during science class on using a hands-on inquiry based (STEM) approach to learning to develop critical thinking and collaborative skills. Much of our work is done collaboratively but final products are generally completed and graded on an individual basis. We will use tools to gather, analyze and interpret data as well as use scientific evidence to develop descriptions, explanations, predictions and models.

There will be a variety of lessons and lab activities throughout the year. They will include in class labs, class work assignments, homework, projects (individual and group), reading and writing assignments, lab notebooks, science journals, and quizzes/tests. Students will also be responsible for maintaining a neat and organized science binder.

I have a variety of activities planned for each unit this year. It is my goal for every student to have fun exploring the world around us. There is so much to learn and discover and eighth grade is a great place to start.