Hooksett Early Learning Program

A developmentally appropriate preschool that is respectful of children’s strengths and challenges.

HELP is an Early Childhood Program coordinated by the Special Education Department servicing children from the ages of three to five with special needs. Children that do not require specialized instruction may attend on a tuition basis, through a lottery system. This program provides a positive learning environment enabling all children to acquire the foundational skills needed for future learning. The curriculum is based on a multi-sensory learning approach in which all of the senses are utilized in the learning of new concepts. Areas of focus include social skills, gross and fine motor, self-help, speech and language, early literacy and math skills.


The Hooksett Early Learning Program is aimed at enhancing skills in a variety of developmental areas. These skills are taught through high levels of consistency, repeated presentation of materials and flexibility to ensure a positive learning environment for each student. It is our belief that each student and family is unique and requires services that are individualized to meet a variety of differences. The combination of child-centered philosophies, interdisciplinary teamwork and parent involvement enables the children to gain knowledge, independence, confidence, problem-solving strategies, and a better sense of self as they move forward to future learning environments.