Grade 7

Exploring Music and Theatre:

Broadway Musicals

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This class will explore music and theatre through the world of Broadway Musicals.

Students will be introduced to:

  • The history of the American Musical
    • They will explore different Broadway musicals and experience, reflect and respond to the works using appropriate terminology, adjudication criteria and audience etiquette.
  • What it is to be a 'Triple Threat' in theatre.
    • Acting (ensemble and individual exercises and workshops to explore skills, techniques, and stage basics)
    • Singing (Vocal warm-ups, proper breathing, how to read and sing a musical score)
    • Dance (Workshops in different forms of theatrical movement/dance through exercises and learning choreography from Broadway Musicals)
  • The process of creating a musical theatre performance piece for the stage.
    • Creation with production team
    • Rehearsals with the actors (Directing, Musically Directing, Choreography, Stage Managing)
    • Intro to design (music, sound, lights, set design, costumes, props)
    • In-class performance

And more...


100% of each student's grade will be based on the following areas:

  • Performance & Participation tied to specific skills and content
  • Written Work, Reflections, Self-Group Evaluations
  • Presentations (individual/group)
  • Projects (individual/group)
  • Quizzes/Tests
  • Other demonstrations of learning

*All assignments will be posted in googleclass-please check daily! May come in the form of journals/reflections, hand-outs, extension activities, listening/viewing clips, at home practice, group collaboration and more! I will also post fun extension videos and links from time to time!

Materials Needed (daily):

  • 1/2" binder or folder to keep scripts and paper materials
  • 10-15 sheets of lined or white computer paper or a notebook
  • Pencils w/erasers
  • pair of headphones (can leave an old pair in class in a ziploc bag labeled with your name and Grade/UA)


18-19 Qtr. 1 Music and Theatre