Fred C. Underhill School Addition & Renovation Project

Warrant Article #2 - Vote on March 12, 2019

Project Purpose

The Hooksett School District is committed to providing a high quality educational experience in a safe and welcoming school environment. The Fred C. Underhill School is in need of necessary repairs, renovations, and updates to ensure that the students can learn in a more secure and accessible school. A building addition and renovation would also provide the school district with the capacity to offer a full-day kindergarten program.

Teacher displaying a book to students.

Student reading a book.

There are several concerns, deficiencies, and hazards that were identified in the Turner Group's comprehensive assessment of the school facility and grounds. The architects and engineers from the Turner Group also provided their opinions regarding the urgency of correcting the deficient conditions. The Turner Group also provided their opinion with regard to the space required for a full-day kindergarten program.

The building addition and renovation project would address these major areas:

- School Safety and Building Security

- Handicap Accessibility

- Paving, Parking, and Traffic Flow

- Drainage

- Playground and Field Space

- Removal of the Portable Classrooms

- Energy Efficiency

- School Programs and Resources (Literacy Support, Library Media, Special Education, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Title I Tutoring, Art, and Health Services, Preschool, and Kindergarten)

Proposed Fred C. Underhill School Addition and Renovation Plan

Proposed Fred C. Underhill School Addition and Renovation Plan

Fred C. Underhill School Addition and Renovation Project Proposal

The Hooksett School Board considered the recommendations provided by the Turner Group. They voted in favor to add safety and security features, remove the portable classrooms, renovate the grounds and the school building, and construct a new addition for support services and special programs. The proposed project will address safety needs, handicap accessibility, efficiencies, and programs for students.

The cost for the construction project is $4,806,455. A 10-year bond is being proposed to fund the project. On March 12, 2019, Hooksett residents will have the opportunity to vote on a warrant article to secure a 10-year bond to pay for the addition and renovation project. The bond will require a 60% majority vote to pass.

If the bond passes, the anticipated start date of construction will be June 2019 with a tentative completion date of August 2020.