Mrs. Capel's Classes

***Course Information***

See the calendar at right for daily homework assignments. I am available before school at 7:30am Monday through Friday and after school until 3:20pm Monday through Thursday for extra help.

Subject pages will have more information on long-term projects for individual classes. See those pages for break-downs and details, including rubrics. These pages will also provide a quick glimpse of what is generally going on in each subject area on a monthly basis. These links can be found above right and below left.

Your travel group determines which class you have when, but UA will always be at 8:20 am and lunch/recess at 11:38 am.

Sixth grade UA assignments are as follows based on homeroom assignments:

Quarter 1: Capel - PE Murphy - Media

Quarter 2: Capel - Media Murphy - Art

Quarter 3: Capel - Art Murphy - Music

Quarter 4: Capel - Music Murphy - PE

Language Arts Social Studies