Mr. Pritchard's 7th/8th Grade Social Studies

This month in 7th Grade Social Studies:

  • The ideas and concepts of Manifest Destiny.
  • How Florida, Texas, California, and Utah became states.
  • The causes and results of the war with Mexico.
  • How the Gold Rush affected California.
  • Why the Mormons settled in Utah.

This month in 8th Grade Social Studies:

  • Students will know: What the roots of the Cold War were, the economic problems the United States faced after WWII, how the Korean War developed, and what life was like the in the 1950's
  • Students will be able to:
  • EXPLAIN the purpose of the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan.
  • CONTRAST the goals of the Soviet Union and United States after WWII.
  • ANALYZE AND SUMMARIZE the Berlin Crisis.
  • EXPLAIN how the United States was involved in the Korean War.
  • COMPARE AND CONTRAST: The viewpoints of Truman and MacArthur over how to end the war.
  • IDENTIFY the economic developments under President Eisenhower.
  • ANALYZE the cultural developments in the 1950s and identify groups who didn't prosper and the racial injustice they faced.

About Me:

I am entering my sixth year of teaching Social Studies in Candia. Each day brings unique challenges and I look forward to the discussions, debates, and insights that can be presented inside the classroom.

My wife and I have two sons and two dogs named Ollie and Cobra. My oldest son Harrison is two years old. He is currently unemployed and lives at home. We welcomed our second child Easton at the beginning of September.

When not teaching, my wife and I and spend a majority of our time chasing a toddler, taking him on new adventures and rooting for the Patriots & Red Sox.

-Mr. Pritchard