Grade 3

Welcome to Mrs. Maurice's Third Grade Class

Welcome to Mrs. Maurice's Website! At the top of the page you'll see links to important class info as well as school-wide info.

Please take a moment to explore this website and find homework, upcoming events, our daily schedule, and student and parent resources. I look forward to getting to know you and working with you to have a great and successful year! Thank you!!

Dear Third Graders,

Welcome to third grade!! It is going to be an amazing year! Third Grade is the best year in my opinion. You are becoming independent learners and making choices that affect your life. You learn to think and learn more independently. You will collaborate with others, and learn to take risks. We will learn that it is ok to make mistakes and when we do, we will be there to support each other. It is my hope that this year you raise the bar in your learning path, never give up and always persevere even when things become difficult.

I will do my best to make this year full of fun, laughter, learning and encouragement. I will be with you through it all and hope you can feel comfortable to come to me with whatever needs, concerns or issues you might have throughout this year. You will be responsible for your behavior and I hope you always remember that in my class we treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

I expect that you take third grade seriously. With that being said you will be responsible to read 30 minutes each day 5 nights a week. Reading is a great way to help with comprehension, inferencing, vocabulary and fluency. In addition to doing this in reading, I am expecting that this be done in math as well. Math fact fluency is important in all that you do and is the building block of all facets of the math Common Core. Fact fluency refers to the ability to solve a problem within a reasonable amount of time using a strategy. (Fact fluency does not mean rote memorization!) It will be important for all students to practice their addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts daily incorporating strategies learned in the classroom. You will need to practice your addition, subtraction and multiplication facts nightly.

I am so excited for what is to come this year. I look forward to learning more about you. We are going to make a great team and I know you will do AMAZING things this year.


Mrs. Maurice