Ms. Jarvis

School Counselor

Welcome to the School Counseling Page

I am looking forward to a wonderful 2018-2019 school year. This year all students in grades K-6 will continue participating in the Second Step program. Second Step is a universal, classroom based program designed to increase student success in school and decrease problem behaviors. The program involves the teaching of social-emotional skills such as managing emotions, solving interpersonal problems, making friends, and getting along with others as well as self-regulation skills such as monitoring and managing feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. By teaching both social-emotional skills and self-regulation skills, we hope to reinforce each student's ability to learn, have empathy, manage emotions, solve problems, and get along with peers. I have included a link to Second Step below.

In addition to the Second Step program, I will be visiting classrooms to present/review the school policies related to bullying and to educate our students about how to handle situations involving bullying. I encourage all parents to talk with their children about this topic. I will also be participating in the enrichment block for grades 7 and 8 daily. I will be teaching/reviewing study skills with all 7th and 8th graders.

If you and/or your child should need any assistance/advice for any issue, please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to help :)

(603) 483-2251 ext. 1008

High School Information:

Our students now attend Pinkerton Academy located in Derry, New Hampshire. There will be visits to Pinkerton throughout the year and scheduling will likely begin in early 2019. I am your contact person for everything related to high school and will post information here as soon as I receive it :-)

Additionally, Mrs. Brassard and I will be your Moore School graduation coordinators (class trip, dinner dance, and graduation). Both Mrs. Brassard and I have created Graduation Information pages and will post events, dates and times as they are determined. Graduation will be held on the evening prior to the last day of school. A date will be announced as soon as we feel the snow days have ended. Hopefully this will be announced prior to April vacation!

About Ms. Jarvis:

I was born in Beverly, Massachusetts and moved to Windham, New Hampshire when I was in the second grade. I attended Pinkerton Academy, graduating in 1982. From there, I attended the University of New Hampshire majoring in Psychology along with two minors, Business Administration and Justice Studies. I graduated from UNH in 1986 earning a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I worked for a time in retail management and decided to continue working while I returned to school part time. In 1991, I earned my Master's degree in counseling. This school year, 2018-2019, begins my 27th year as a school counselor, the last 16 years being in Candia.

Last fall I let you all know that I was entering new territory as a parent as my daughter was heading off to college! I am happy to report that we both survived her freshman year:-) My daughter, Megan, did very well both academically and in lacrosse (they won the championship and went to NCAA competition). She is excited to begin her sophomore year where she will continue her nursing studies.