Advancing Learning Programs

Mrs. Tremblay helps the first grade students attach their constellation to the ceiling of the portable planetarium with push pins.

Planetarium Experience

Fred C. Underhill School 2017

Navy sailor volunteering to help 5th grade student take apart a radio.

Reverse Engineering with the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

Hooksett Memorial School 2017

Two grade 8 students make measurement on their sailboat as part of a STEM challenge.

STEM Integration Paperclip Sailboat Challenge

Cawley Middle School 2016

Advancing Learning Programs for Challenge and Enrichment

Hooksett’s Advancing Learning Programs encompass academic advancement and enrichment experiences for students throughout the school community.

Contact information : Mrs. Tremblay Email: Phone: 603-518-5047 ext. 5117

Mrs. Ruest Email: Phone: 603-485-9890 ext. 1078