Special Services

Special Education

As part of the Special Education Services at Jennie D. Blake we have one part-time Special Education Teacher and two part-time Special Education Assistants. All special education professionals are dedicated to meeting the needs of JDB students receiving special education services.

Special Education Integration Teacher & Case Manager

Mrs. Jennifer Blake | jblake@sau103.org

Special Education Support Staff

Mrs. Merryl Goldman | mgoldman@sau103.org

Mrs. Pam Desrochers | pdesrochers@sau103.org

Mrs. Christine Haney | chaney@sau103.org

504 & Title II

JDBS 504 Coordinator & Case Manager

Mrs. Susan Schultz | Email: sschultz@sau103.org | Phone: 934-2245

Click below to access:

Sau 103 504 Procedure Manual | Grievance Information | 504 Parental Rights

Title 1

Jennie D Blake is a Targeted Assistance Title I school. More information included below about a targeted assistance school is and what that means for your child.

Definition of a Targeted Assistance Model

Schools operating targeted-assistance programs may only use Title I funds to provide services to children who are identified as having the greatest need for educational assistance, (children who are failing or at risk of failing to meet standards). Children with disabilities, children who are homeless, children who are neglected or delinquent, and children with limited English proficiency, may be eligible to receive Title I services. Title I funds are supplemental to services that would otherwise be provided and are used to benefit only the intended beneficiaries.

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