What is a Domain Name?

do·main name



noun: domain name; plural noun: domain names

  1. the part of a network address that identifies it as belonging to a particular domain.

Examples of Domain Names

Why is a Domain Name So Important?

There are a number of reasons that getting a domain name for your business is one of the first and most important things to do when THINKING of starting your business.

A Domain Name is Your Home On The Web!

IT'S Personalized

Only one person or entity can have the same name on the internet. When you register a Domain name you are leasing the rights to that address for as long and you keep paying a renewal fee for a minimum of 1 to 10 years. You purchase this from a Registrar such as SaskTech Servers who is a Canadian GoDaddy Partner. SaskTech is able to then help you setup your domain to work with any service you need to use your domain with.

Adds Credibility

Because only one owner for an address this creates a credibility to viewers to come across the name in Links, Advertisements, and Email Addresses. There is a buyer for that name that there is a "electronic paper trail" to speak as the owner.

Creates Your Brand

Weblinks, Email Addresses, Signage owning a domain can let you have control of your brand. A more professional email can help gain the credibility and is more professional because the name goes with your brand on and offline. It will make it that much harder for someone else online to pretend to be your company.

Can Help You Get Found

Likely if you registered your business name all the pages you create starting with the same name will be very likely to be found on search engines after you submit your sitemap.

Owning a Domain is NOT the Same As...

Owning a Website

A Domain Name simply re-directs traffic from your name to an IP Address of a computer or hosting company that holds your websites files.

With a Domain Name you can now choose a web host but it is for the most part, not included as part of a Domain Name Registration with other companies. However SaskTech does allow you to create a free parked page with anything you would like on it. The place you choose for web hosting does not have to be from the same place you registered your domain.

SaskTech Servers also includes free DNS Hosting that allows you to create in computer terms an "A Host Record". The A Host is the IP Address of the computer/hosting IP Address that holds all of your website files.

Having an Email Address or Hosting

Choosing a Name

If you only have one domain or primary domain it should be of your business name like Joe's Construction might be

you might also want to have variations and misspellings registered as well as this will also lead people to your site to prevent others from registering and using them.

Domain Syntax

"A label may contain zero to 63 characters. The null label, of length zero, is reserved for the root zone. The full domain name may not exceed the length of 253 characters in its textual representation.[1] In the internal binary representation of the DNS the maximum length requires 255 octets of storage, since it also stores the length of the name.[3]

Although domain names may theoretically consist of any character representable in an octet, host names use a preferred format and character set. The characters allowed in their labels are a subset of the ASCII character set, consisting of characters a through z, A through Z, digits 0 through 9, and hyphen. This rule is known as the LDH rule (letters, digits, hyphen). Domain names are interpreted in case-independent manner.[19] Labels may not start or end with a hyphen.[20] An additional rule requires that top-level domain names should not be all-numeric.[20]"

At has a search utility right on the home page you can use to search for a name!