Started in 2019, the Science Research Symposium celebrates the efforts and achievements in science of grades K-12 at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. Science at St. Andrew’s aims to inspire thoughtful citizens to be curious and knowledgeable about the natural world and develop critical thinkers that are independent yet collaborative. It hopes to prepare the next generation of scientists to bring not only progress but also compassion and empathy to a world of social and technological complexity.

Guests of the symposium have the opportunity to explore featured academic work from students across grade levels, projects by student clubs, and in general experience the wonders that science affords. Held on the Southwest Parkway campus, the highlight of the event, are the self-directed independent research projects conducted by upper school students. A poster session is held for the student researchers to share their findings with peers, faculty, staff, alumni, administrators, and special guests.

Poster Session

Research Oral Presentations


Science Demonstrations


"Dawn of Tomorrow"

January 29-30, 2020

In a world that is constantly evolving, new challenges arise and the need for better solutions to old problems are being demanded. The complexity and innovations of new technologies and discoveries often return us to the fundamentals by which we were first introduced. We must be creative, transformative, and dauntless. Today, we are working on pioneering the advances that will make a better future. Science must take on these challenges and return with ideas for the dawn of tomorrow.


St. Andrew's Episcopal School // Southwest Parkway Campus // Dell Fine Arts Center // 5901 Southwest Parkway, Austin, TX 78735