Organization [Math]

Google Classroom for Math

Follow the instructions from your teacher to enroll into your virtual Math classroom space.

Google Calendar

Your Google Calendar is going to be an essential tool to keep you up-to-date with middle school activities and events, as well as personal to-dos, events and reminders. Have your calendar tab open all the time and check it at least once-a-day.

Open Google Chrome and make sure you are logged in to your SAS Google account.

Click on each link below and click on the +Google icon (bottom right corner):

You should assign each of these calendars a different color so they are easy to distinguish from each other.

Teachers: Please show students how they can view the MS Bulletin link from the MS Days calendar.

Explore Google Calendar. See how many of the following things you can figure out how to do. When you find something interesting or useful, please share with a neighbor.

First try these.

  1. Explore the different views on your calendar (Day, Week, Month, 4 Days, Agenda). Think about how each view is useful. Which will be best for keeping up to date with what's happening in MS?
  2. Explore how to create a new personal event to your calendar, for a specific date and time (eg. Mum's birthday) and set a notification for the event.
  3. Explore using TASKS in the calendar. (Check out the video below, only need to watch the first 3 min.) Tasks are a great way for you to make a TO-DO list of homework tasks or projects.

No need to watch past 3 minutes

All the classes you are enrolled in will create calendar that you can use to see what is happening or due in you classes HOWEVER there is a better way for you to manage your homework . . . . Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is where you will keep informed and up-to-date with what is happening in your classes. Your teachers will post announcements, assignments, homework and resources you will need. Have the Google Classroom tab always open and you should check each of your classes once-a-day. Having the Google Classroom page open first thing for the class you are in would be a great habit to get into.

You will enroll into all your classes during the two days of Boot Camp. By the end of Boot Camp you should be able to access the class page for all your core classes, your homebase and your electives. Throughout the year you may be added (or leave) Google Classroom classes.

Most of your Laptop Boot Camp tasks are in your Homebase class.

Now you try:

Open up Google Classroom. You should see a HB class, the Math class you just enrolled in and maybe some other classes. By the end of Boot Camp you will have all your classes showing.

Explore your Google Classroom classes and . . .

  • View a calendar (switch between 'All classes' and a specific class)
  • View a 'Classwork' tab (how do you know if an assignment has been completed and submitted?)
  • Find where you can manage the email notification settings (What notifications do you need?)

Finally, install the 'Share to Classroom' Chrome extension. It will create a shortcut to your classes and you and your teacher can use it to access and share web resources.


Google Drive is your online 'cloud' storage.

You can use Google Drive to organize and save all of your work in the cloud. Teachers and students will use Drive to share documents with you.

Keeping your Google Drive organized will help you be more efficient and productive. You can create your own folders and color code them.

Your Drive has a special folder called CLASSROOM. All you Google Classroom classes have a folder in this folder. Never delete or rename the Classroom folder or any of the class folders in it.

For tips on how to organize and manage your Drive, watch the video below.

Share your learning

  1. In your Drive, create a new folder and call it '6 Boot Camp'. Change its color to green so it stands out. Double-click the new folder to open it
  2. Inside your new '6 Boot Camp' folder, create a new Google Doc.
  3. Name your file - "Good Habits for Organization - your name " (Use the grade+subject code naming convention throughout middle school. Naming your files well is good practice for keeping your files organized and easily searchable. You will also be able to easily tell which documents are for which class.)
  4. Create a title for your page - Habits for Organization
  5. Create a sub-heading called 'At School'.
  6. Make a list of 5 actions/habits that you will try to do or use to help keep you 'digitally' well organized at school.
  7. Create a sub-heading called 'At Home'.
  8. Make a list of 5 actions/habits that you will try to do or use to help keep you 'digitally' well organized at home.
  9. Open your Google Classroom HB Advisory class. Find the assignment 'Boot Camp - Organization [Math]' and open it.
  10. Submit your new Good Habits for Organization doc . Click the 'Add' > 'Drive' and navigate to your new 6 Boot Camp folder, to find your doc. Turn In!

IMPORTANT - Make sure you click 'Turn In' and then also confirm by clicking 'Turn In' again.